Darian Symoné Harvin is a journalist and news curator who's passionate about thinking and executing fresh ways to present news and culture to people.


I graduated from Emerson College in 2013 with a B.A. in Broadcast Journalism. That’s when I interned at my local news station in Buffalo, NY, NBC News, and Parkwood Entertainment (Beyoncé’s company). At Parkwood, I learned how I could apply creative processes and art direction to my work in journalism.


My first job was at Dateline NBC as a Program Coordinator where I was assistant to the executive producer and worked on episodes. I later became Managing Producer of HRDCVR, a culture magazine committed to covering communities that are underserved in media. It was amazing. In 2015, I became a Mobile Editor on Yahoo's award winning New Digest mobile app, where I curated words, images and video specifically for your phone. 


My last and most transformational gig was at BuzzFeed News as a Curation Editor where I became good at explaining the news and sharing it in ways that felt like it was meant to be encountered on a social platform. I became really interested (read: obsessed) with how to share news and tell stories on Instagram and IG Stories. In one year, our monthly follower growth rate tripled and our engagement rate bypassed our competitors. Our account became the most engaged news accounts on the platform. Also I sent fire push alerts. 


Right now, I'm focusing on my podcast and working on a project-by-project basis with media companies and brands. In the past I’ve worked with Glossier, Into the Gloss, BuzzFeed, Vox.com, Teen Vogue, Shhhowercap and Yahoo News.


SPEAKING: I'm currently carving a lane for myself as a great interviewer and moderator, facilitating more discussions on music, the intersection of politics and pop culture, entrepreneurship and the Internet.

  • 4:43 x 4:44: A conversation on Jay-Z's album as it related to women, hosted by NYU's Clive Davis Institute

  • EmpowerHer in Chicago; moderated a discussion with successful online entrepreneurs

  • Live episodes of my podcast at Well-Read Black Girl Festival in Brooklyn and Ludlow House in NYC